Sandrine Harris is a Movement Educator, Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM, Mindfulness Facilitator, Health Counselor, and Dancer. She is the founder of KINESOMASM.

As a practitioner of multiple modalities including mindfulness meditation, dance, somatics, and Feldenkrais®, Sandrine infuses each experience with a diverse set of tools based in learning, awareness, and self-care. She is passionate about the relationship between movement in the body and the health of the mind, holding particular interest in the applications of neuro-psychology in somatic learning. Her approach is grounded in recognizing unconscious habits and patterns, and finding inroads to understanding and self-compassion, to heal and shift into states of well-being.

Sandrine’s work is about every layer of who we are. It touches the emotional self, the psychological, and the physical, through a sophisticated experiential (re)education, built upon guided self-learning.

Sandrine’s mission is to facilitate the cultivation of self-care, deep listening, and a healthy nervous system. She is honored to be in real connection and sharing, with everyone she works with.

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For private sessions & classes in CT, Sandrine practices out of Yoga At Space (Lakeville, CT). Sandrine is also a regular retreat facilitator at the Copper Beech Institute (West Hartford, CT).

In NYC and internationally, Sandrine leads workshops and retreats upon invitation to studios, institutes, universities, festivals, and non-profit organizations. She is on referral from several MDs, psychotherapists, PTs and neurologists in CT/MA/NYS.

Sandrine is a former professional dancer, with an extensive training background in movement and meditation. She has taught internationally for over 20 years, and most recently, offered mind-body workshops in Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Germany, the UK, and throughout the US.

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A Snapshot

Sandrine is honored to connect with diverse populations in both her private practice and group work, including vulnerable individuals and groups, and the elderly.

  • She holds a private practice working with people from all walks of life. She has extensive experience in working with athletes, individuals facing illness and chronic pain conditions, neurological and cognitive disorders, addiction, and dementia.
  • She facilitates retreats at the Copper Beech Institute (West Hartford, CT), as well as being an outreach facilitator in contemplative practice and mindfulness, on behalf of the Institute. This outreach is primarily focused in two areas: education (school children and their educators) and vulnerable populations (people with diagnosed mental illness, people in recovery from addiction, and other).
  • She also facilitates experiences for corporate groups, including Virgin Management (NYC), and Series X, a tech startup (NYC).

In October 2017, Sandrine was invited as a guest lecturer at NYU in the Dept of Psychology, presenting an experiential lecture “Embodied: Somatics and the Feldenkrais Method®”, as well as at an education conference in Prague, Czech Republic, where she worked with professional educators on the topic of “The Inner Education.”

In June 2017, Sandrine contributed the year-long project, Practicing Silence, at Grace Farms (New Canaan, CT), on behalf of the Copper Beech Institute. Leading workshops in mindful practice, Sandrine had the pleasure of working with dancers from the New York City Ballet, jazz musicians and composers. To learn more about this beautiful project: Practicing Silence.

In October 2016, Sandrine was honored to be a presenter on behalf of the Copper Beech Institute, at the Central Connecticut State University 3rd annual mindfulness conference for professionals in education and mental health: Mindfulness: Health, Wellness, and Emotional Well-Being of Children, Youth, and Families. She lectured on the history and practice of Loving Kindness Meditation, including presenting recent scientific studies of its benefits, an experience of the practice, and a Q&A session.

As an outreach facilitator in contemplative practice and mindfulness, on behalf of the Copper Beech Institute, Sandrine’s work has most recently been with the students and faculty of Grace Academy (Hartford, CT), Laurel House (Stamford, CT), the Susan B. Anthony Project (Torrington, CT), United Way (Hartford), and the McCall Center for Behavioral Health (Torrington).

Recognized for her movement teaching, Sandrine was awarded a “What Moves You” grant by actress and lifestyle advocate, Kate Hudson, and her company, Fabletics in 2014. Thanks to this generous grant, Sandrine launched a 12-workshop wellness program in her community of northwestern CT in 2015, and documented her work on the Fabletics blog.

With an on-going mission of service, Sandrine donated 100 hours of pro bono private sessions to community members in NW CT and the Berkshires, focused on in-home sessions with the elderly and terminally ill, in 2010.

Sandrine has been a staff movement teacher at Bard College at Simon’s Rock (Great Barrington, MA); has offered a master class to members of the world-renowned dance company, PILOBOLUS (Washington, CT); and toured nationally with the Japanese pop sensation, Dreams Come True, as their private Feldenkrais and meditation practitioner.

KINESOMA℠ is an experiential approach blending movement and meditative practices. There is a rich landscape within each of us.