Kinesoma Class

We Are All MOVERS!

The KINESOMA℠ class is a playful blend of dance, Feldenkrais, and mindful practice. This approach restores ease in your body, cultivates a spacious mind of awareness, and brings renewed joy into your movement life. It is exploratory and based in experiential learning, offering a practice which is complementary to yoga, sitting meditation, martial arts, and athletic activities.

KINESOMA℠ is a way to work deeply, mindfully, and creatively, while remaining accessible to learners and movers of all walks of life. KINESOMA℠ invites healthy movement and inner stillness. It is about cultivating a flexible mind and a flexible body.

With a highly international music playlist adding color to the mood of each class, the KINESOMA℠ class builds in dynamism—starting slowly and gently on the floor, and moving into more physicality and larger, exploratory movements.

All adults are always welcome to walk in and move with us, and no experience is needed.

If you are looking for a new path into your personal journey in wellbeing, and would like to experience more of your whole self through movement, please come and learn with us!

Sandrine created this class and approach—during many years of professional dance and training with international teachers in dance, bodywork, mindful practice, and athletics—weaving together ways of working with the mind and body in one practice. KINESOMA℠ offers a complex mode of discovery, of each individual’s potential.

KINESOMA is offered as a “pop-up” class at studios in CT, NYC, the Hudson valley, and the Berkshires. It is also offered as a workshop.

All locations and dates are announced via our Facebook page.