HUMAN BEING 101℠ is an experiential learning workshop focused on education. Tailored to both educators and students, HUMAN BEING 101℠ fosters a specific creative process to create a conscious relationship between movement, individual learning capacity, wellness and education—bringing together the sciences of the brain and body.


HUMAN BEING 101℠ is based in principles from the latest neuroscience research, the psychology of learning, movement science, mindful practice, and the Feldenkrais Method® (a somatic education method). Grounded in exploring how we learn and how bodily states relate to brain function, this workshop promotes new tools for understanding individual development and wellness. The aim is to introduce educators and students (in separate modules) to relating movement and bodily states directly to the learning process, with sensory-based, experiential models.

Movement Learning enables a deeper sense of self on all levels, including the learning process, thinking, self-development, and choice. Educators and students can benefit from this process-based workshop, by being able to further nurture each individual’s unique potential through a new way of looking at education.

“That which we call thinking is the evolutionary internalization
of movement.”

Rodolfo R. Llinás, Neuroscientist


Sandrine follows current research in the fields of neurobiology, psychology, somatics, meditative practices, and other. Several current thinkers influence the shape of HUMAN BEING 101℠, including the work of Interpersonal Neurobiology founder, Dr Daniel Siegel (clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine), Dr Daniel Goleman (psychologist & science writer), papers and books coming out of MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and many other sources and inspirations.

In July 2014, Sandrine completed a Mindfulness in Education teacher training with Daniel Rechtschaffen, a pioneer in the field of mindfulness practices in the classroom, and the creator of a full curriculum for different age groups. Sandrine also attended the conference: Bringing Mindfulness Practice to Children Grades K–12 (Omega Institute | July 2014). Sandrine incorporates elements from Daniel’s Mindfulness in Education program, into her offerings through HUMAN BEING 101.



Aug. 2017: Scoville Memorial Library – for kids and their parents

April 2017: Mindfulness & Movement at Salisbury Central School (Salisbury, CT). For students and parents.

Aug. – Dec. 2016: Outreach Facilitator in contemplative practice and mindfulness, on behalf of the Copper Beech Institute, working with the teachers and students at Grace Academy (Hartford, CT).

Feb. 2014: Guest Teacher, Indian Mountain School (Lakeville, CT). As part of the intercession program on wellness, for Middle School students and faculty members.

Apr. 2013: Guest Lecturer, The Hotchkiss School (Lakeville, CT). Human Development Program – students and faculty members.

Aug. 2013: Guest Teacher, Urban Ambassadors program (NYC). In Partnership with The GoodBrain Project, offering innovative approaches to learning in NYC school systems.

Dec. 2013: Guest Teacher, Indian Mountain School (Lakeville, CT). Multiple modules offered to 9th grade students.


Please contact Sandrine to bring HUMAN BEING 101℠ to your educational institution!