I am inspired to work with people from all walks of life, and all over the world. There is no better way to deepen our practice, than to share time together in retreat. I offer a blend of modalities, including the Feldenkrais Method®, mindfulness meditation, dance and breathwork. Each retreat is shaped with a theme of self-care, healing trauma, and awareness-based awakening in the body and mind.

Language: I offer my teaching in English, and I also speak French, with a working knowledge of several other languages. I am accustomed to making all of my work accessible to people for whom English is a foreign language.


January 5 – 7: “Embodying Resilience,” in collaboration with yoga teacher, Sondra Loring. Copper Beech Institute (West Hartford, CT)

April: The Insight of Awareness: Vibrant Practices in the Feldenkrais Method® & Mindfulness Meditation,” Copper Beech Institute (West Hartford, CT)


July: Connecting from the Inside Out,” Copper Beech Institute (West Hartford, CT)

Sept 19 – 21: Embodying Presence: The Practice of Awakening,” Copper Beech Institute (West Hartford, CT). Scholarships available! Read more: here.


April: Relieving Stress Moment by Moment,” Copper Beech Institute (West Hartford, CT)


Costa Rica