“I began individual Feldenkrais® sessions with Sandrine several years ago. Sandrine has helped me to sit, stand, walk, stretch, mitigate leg cramps, move my arms and hands – you name it!  Sometimes I just come in with a needy part and sometimes she can figure out what I need that day… Her support and encouragement have meant the world as well.”

A.C.K., Lakeville, CT (2017)

“I have ALS, and in spite of the damage done by the neurologic degeneration as well as the fact that it is incurable, Sandrine took me as a client and has been working with me to “make the best of what I have.” This is not an illness such as damaged tendons, bones or muscles which usually can be improved with therapy and time, but rather the Functional Integration® sessions we have are aimed at preserving function and educating me in using my body to live as well as I can.

Assuredly, Sandrine’s personality adds much to her Feldenkrais® work as one quickly learns. She emphasizes the importance of the mind and psyche in her teaching, and her knowledge of meditation is a great addition to someone with my illness. I realize that it would be unfair to expect that the sessions will ‘cure’ me of an incurable illness, but Sandrine’s concern and care certainly improve my quality of life in many ways.”

J.J.B., MD (2011)

“Sandrine is the real deal. I danced in college and was introduced to a number of somatic practices (Feldenkrais, BMC, Bartenieff Fundamentals, 5 Rhythms, and others). What I love about the Kinesoma class is how Sandrine takes the deep level of body awareness and connectivity in somatics and combines it with dynamic movement phrases from styles around the world (which also helps the class to feel more inclusive). She designs classes that build from what feels like Feldenkrais floor lessons to sitting warmups to standing phrases, relying on the patterning we were working on from the beginning. The overall effect is a really integrated, stimulating kinesthetic experience! … If you like somatics, and want to move fully, give it a whirl — Sandrine knows what she’s doing.”

Quinlan M., dance therapist-in-training (2016)

“I feel deeply grateful for who Sandrine is and what she knows and how she shares that. Her nurturing and empowering guidance in Awareness through Movement® classes, and especially in individual sessions in Functional Integration®, have truly been a transformative experience for me on multiple levels… I didn’t know a thing about the Feldenkrais Method® and was skeptical, but was quickly hooked by moments of joy, surprise and relief at being able to slow down, explore movement and let go of habitual and self-critical ways of thinking about my body. I still do not understand why such a subtle and gentle system of intervention can facilitate such dramatic change in the way I move in and experience my body, but I got what I was looking for amidst much else that was less expected. I now feel childlike playfulness and pleasure in movement again. How amazing it is to me that this simplicity of experience is juxtaposed with a stimulation of deeper intellectual curiosity about the biophysical and neurological complexity of human bodies. Sandrine, personally, and the Feldenkrais Method — with very strong underpinnings in good science and psychological thinking — have also given me a new angle and depth in my long term practice of meditative awareness.

P.S., counselor (2012)

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Sandrine’s KINESOMA℠ classes when she was visiting Minneapolis, as a teaching-artist in residence (Feb. 2015). I was fascinated by the way I was empowered to communicate with my own body! In her classes, rather than encouraging members to follow a form modeled by the teacher, Sandrine encourages individuals to find the way their bodies are moving from the inside out. Her approach offers dancers—and people of every age and ability—a way into a much deeper and more authentic experience of self expression, and it provides all participants with a relaxing and healing way to move.”

Maren H., actress (2015)

“With the KINESOMA℠ class, you’ve pulled together the perfect mix of movement, stretching, exercise and, the key component: music that inspires us to move and smile and does wonders for our morale!”

Raquel F. (2012)

“KINESOMA℠ classes have enriched my life in so many ways. After my first class with Sandrine, I immediately felt a change in my position on the horse I ride, moving with ease and less restriction… KINESOMA℠ class is so much fun. I found myself laughing, feeling youthful, and really enjoying the way my body was moving. Not only am I riding better, but I am having fun with learning a new way to move. I have been searching for a class that embodies all of these different movement techniques for many years. Sandrine is a patient, kind and fun instructor whose choice of music is also great.”

Sue B., healthcare practitioner (2013)

“It has been my pleasure to experience Feldenkrais® with Sandrine Harris, a truly gifted and enlightened teacher. Her touch is gentle, and often magical… This work has brought me to a new level of awareness as I look forward to improved health in body and mind.”

L.B., poet (2011)

“Sandrine’s KINESOMA℠ class lifts my body and my spirit. There is nothing like moving freely, in a safe space, to help shed the tensions of the week. As a former dancer, movement for me, has always been tied to rigid rules about body alignment, prescribed steps and performance. KINESOMA℠ reintroduced me to the simple pleasure of movement at the age of 65. Working with Sandrine is a joy!”

Bonnie (2011)

“I feel that I have been given two unexpected and incredible gifts — the discovery of the Feldenkrais Method and also Sandrine — who I feel is a highly gifted teacher. She possesses the lovely qualities of kindness, excitement, intuition and sensitivity towards her clients.
I am just starting to explore Feldenkrais and as an active performing musician, it has been transpiring in all areas: freeing the breath, jaw, neck and hands. I would recommend Feldenkrais and Sandrine’s approach to any musician!”

J., professional musician (2012)