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This series concluded in December 2014.

KINESOMA℠ is proud to present a new gentle exercise program, Whole Body Wellness Through KINESOMA℠. Improve How You Move, through a series of 12 workshops designed to educate and elevate your inspiration to M-O-V-E! For Every Body & Everybody.

This series of workshops is made possible through the generous support of the What Moves You grant from FABLETICS, and its co-founder, Kate Hudson. Sandrine has also been invited to be a Guest Blogger on the FABLETICS BLOG, where you can follow her posts and her community’s journey through this new wellness program.

Take all 12 workshops for a comprehensive experience, or attend the ones that interest you most. Each class focuses on a different aspect of whole body wellness, including how to have better balance, strengthen the pelvic floor, and relieve stress.

Dance Movement Wellness Program

MAR 30 @ 10am – 12pm: KINESOMA℠ Movement Learning

Come and experience the signature KINESOMA℠ CLASS with dynamic movement phrases to soothe achy joints, gentle warm ups for your whole body head-to-toe, and movements to invite grace, ease and strength! EVERY BODY and EVERYBODY can move well and experience new-found vitality through this movement approach, and no prior experience with dance or exercise classes is required to attend. Come and join our community as we M-O-V-E together!

APR 26 @ 2pm – 4pm: Breath

This workshop is a gentle, individual exploration of how you breathe and how to invite more ease in breathing. Sandrine will introduce sensory-based breathing approaches from modalities such as The Feldenkrais Method, and provide insight into the function and nature of breath. This workshop is perfect for anyone who is curious about breathing, has experienced difficulty with asthma or other conditions, and for those would like to learn more about getting “full” breath for athletic activity, playing wind instruments, and other activities.

MAY 25 @ 2pm – 4pm: Your Pelvis & Pelvic Floor

This workshop is a gentle movement opportunity to learn about the crucial role of the pelvis in sitting & standing with support, and about understanding the dynamic nature of the pelvic floor. This is for women and men of all ages, and offers a perspective beyond Kegels, and traditional routes of strengthening the pelvic floor through contractions or the idea of “tightening up” this area. Tools for further learning and self-work will be offered in this class.

JUN 28 @ 2pm – 4pm: Balance

Achieving good balance involves understanding many aspects of support and alignment through the body. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore balance and the use of the feet, especially for those experiencing difficulties in this area.

JUL 5 @ 2pm – 4pm: Strength Through Ballet

An easy-going, joyful introduction to ballet movement, with a particular interest in strengthening work. Sandrine holds a diploma in the full Vaganova pedagogy of ballet, and will show you how to incorporate ballet movements into your fitness program, without straining. We will explore ballet-inspired movements (including some work from Floor Barre) infused with a Feldenkrais perspective, and an introduction to some very useful principles for all movement! OPEN TO ALL! No prior experience with ballet or dance required!

JULY 27 @ 10am – 12pm: Your Dynamic Skeleton

Come and find out how you can do more with your skeleton, and less with ‘over-efforting’ in your muscles. Understanding the full dynamism of your skeletal self is crucial to moving with ease and using the support of your bones to do more with less effort! Everyone needs to learn more about this special approach, and this workshop is the perfect opportunity!

AUG 17 @ 10am – 12pm: Happy Hips & Knees

Explore new ways of working with your hips and knees to ease impact and increase comfort in these joints. We will work on the floor for much of the workshop, to take these joints out of weight-bearing, and provide comfort and fluidity through gentle movement phrases you can use at home! Anyone who has experienced hip or knee strain should attend!

AUG 30 @ 2pm – 4pm: Tension Relief for Your Neck & Shoulders

A soothing, exploratory workshop, working with patterns of gentle movement to relieve neck & shoulder tension. We will investigate the holding of stress in this area, through sensory-based strategies, in order to invite the muscles of the shoulders, neck, chest and back, to do less holding and more resting.

SEPT 13 @ 2pm – 4pm: Rhythms of Movement

Have you ever been guided through a fun, playful and invigorating movement class with LIVE MUSICIANS? Please Join Us for this very special workshop, with live professional musicians — Jerrod Cattey & Rick Baumer! We will learn how internal rhythms are an integral part of how we move, and how we can increase our sense of natural rhythm by moving in collaboration with live sounds (from musicians who are *moving* a specific way in order to generate their sound!).
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY with dance, and no prior workshop attendance required. Please bring a friend, and come and enjoy the great pleasure of movement and rhythm!

OCT 18 @ 2pm – 4pm: Rediscovering Your Hands & Feet   

*Please Note: This workshop date was changed from Oct 19 to Oct 18

A playful exploration to bring new awareness and life to your hands & feet! This workshop will be based in a mix of dance-inspired movement and lessons from the Feldenkrais Method®.
We will be working with some subtle and very powerful explorations, which will expand your awareness and sensation in your hands and feet, and in your whole self!

NOV 15 @ 2pm – 4pm: Movement for Stress Relief

A workshop combining Mindful Practice and KINESOMA℠ movement phrases for wellness. This workshop will leave you calm, centered, and feeling good. Sandrine has developed the material for this workshop, over years of working with private clients, and as a professional dancer contending with the effects of physical and other stressors. The focus will be on restorative work, with your Whole Self — Body & Mind.

DEC 27 @ 2pm – 4pm: DANCE FOR JOY!

PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE FINAL WORKSHOP OF THIS SERIES! This is an opportunity to gather with our community and M-O-V-E. An international playlist, a wonderful group of people, and lots of sweaty dancing! Come and shake off the holidays, and warm up your heart! Sandrine will lead you through dances from all over the world (think: salsa, samba, disco), in a group setting. *This is open to ALL ADULTS, of all ages and levels. No prior experience with KINESOMA or dance is required!



Yoga at Space studio
228 Sharon Road (Rte 41)
Lakeville, CT 06039
website: yogaatspace.com


$20 per workshop (cash/check only). No registration required, however, space is limited. Early arrival is recommended and latecomers will not be admitted. Thank You.

Please be aware that KINESOMA℠ may be taking video or photographs of workshop and participants. Some of these videos or photographs may be used by KINESOMA℠ & FABLETICS on their websites/blogs, newsletters, or other promotional materials. By attending KINESOMA℠ programs, you agree that KINESOMA may take videos or photographs that include your image and that such videos or photographs may be used by KINESOMA℠ & FABLETICS for promotional and informational purposes. There will always be the option to participate in the workshops without being recorded/photographed!


Please join us on Saturday, May 17 for a special event: KEYS TO WELLNESS. This is a free, family-friendly afternoon, on the beautiful Lake Wononscopomuc!

LOCATION: TOWN GROVE (Lakeville, CT) (see below for all details)

Keys To Wellness - KINESOMA event